1. PRODUCT WARRANTY: Hubbell warrants to the original purchaser at the original address or the authorized transferee of such purchaser (collectively, the "Buyer") the Hubbell brand Tankless Water Heater and its components as manufactured by Hubbell (the "Product") to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for the period of time identified below beginning from the date of installation, provided that the Product is (i) installed within sixty (60) days from date of shipment from Hubbell and (ii) installed by a licensed electrician and plumber (specific proof required) and maintained in accordance with Hubbell's written instructions. In order for the Product warranty to become effective, the original purchaser must submit via fax, mail or website the Warranty Registration included in the Operating and Maintenance Manual supplied with each new Product.

HEATING CHAMBER: Five (5) years
REPLACEMENT PARTS: Thirty (30) days


  • Product failure caused by liming, sediment buildup, chemical corrosion, chlorine/chloride corrosion, or freezing.
  • Product failure caused by the failure to remove air from system prior to or during operation.
  • Product misuse, tampering or misapplication, accidental damage, improper installation or the application of improper voltage.
  • Costs incurred for shipping, delivery, handling, and/or administrative charges.
  • Product failure due to lightening, flood or other natural or manmade calamities.
  • Labor charges of any kind.


Warranty Transfer Information: The warranty may be transferred to one (1) subsequent homeowner at the same physical address upon payment to Hubbell of a $75.00 U.S. dollar transfer fee. Said transfer fee and second owner information must be submitted by Certified Mail within 7 days of the house sale closing or there will be no further warranty extended under any circumstances. Failure of original owner to provide 2nd owner with information in a timely fashion will not alter the requirements of this paragraph.

2. LIMITATION OF REMEDIES AND DAMAGES: Hubbell's liability and Buyer's exclusive remedy hereunder will be limited solely, at Hubbell's option, to repair or replacement by the Hubbell Hubbell Service Center with respect to any claim made within the applicable warranty period referred to above. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all warranty items shall be returned by Buyer, at its sole expense, to the Hubbell Hubbell Service Center for replacement or repair. Hubbell reserves the right to accept or reject any such claim in whole or in part. Hubbell will not accept the return of any product without prior written approval from Hubbell, and all such approved returns shall be made at Buyer's sole expense. HUBBELL WILL NOT BE LIABLE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LABOR COSTS OR LOST PROFITS RESULTING FROM THE USE OF (OR INABILITY TO USE) THE PRODUCTS OR FROM THE PRODUCTS BEING INCORPORATED IN OR BECOMING A COMPONENT OF ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR GOODS.


3. WARRANTY REGISTRATION: To be covered under the Hubbell Manufacturer's Limited Warranty you must register your product within 30 calendar days of delivery. Warranty registration using the form below may be submitted via mail to Hubbell Electric Heater Co., P.O. Box 288, Stratford, CT 06615-0288, or via fax 203-378-3593, or via the link on the website for Warranty Registration. THIS IS A LIMITED MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY THAT CONVEYS BENEFITS TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER, SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. Keep your Product documents in a safe and secure location. Your obligation under the terms of purchase and sale require that you must return your warranty card within the prescribed timeframe (within 30 calendar days) and retain all proof of purchase, installer receipts for your warranty in order to protect your rights and obtain Manufacturer's Limited Warranty benefits. The warranty resides with the Buyer with proof of purchase not simply with an individual in possession of a Product. If the heater is to be installed in new construction at a date later than 30 days from the date of delivery, send further information when known so we may update your warranty record.

Purchaser's Information:

Name of Purchaser*:

Installation Address:

City: State: Zip: Date of Purchase:

Method Purchase: Credit card: Check:

Model No: Serial No.


Electrician Information:




License #:

Plumber Information:




License #:

4. FURTHER LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS AFFECTING YOUR WARRANTY: This warranty is void if the product is not installed in accordance with relevant, local electrical and plumbing codes and in accordance with the installation instructions specified by the manufacturer. Local codes will override manufacturer's instructions at the time of installation and if additional installation parts are required, the costs will be the responsibility of Buyer. Above ground level installations must be protected with drip pans and drains just as the codes call for protective requirements used in regular hot water tank installations. Buyer hereby accepts the entire responsibility for ascertaining whether they have sufficient electrical power at their residence to operate our Tankless Water heaters as indicated in our specifications which are readily available at our websites, in our brochures and contained in the shipping box for installers to read before installation. If Buyer has purchased without first ascertaining the cost for installation or the necessary power available for operation, Hubbell at its sole and complete discretion may allow a return and grant a refund less freight and less 30% of the retail price as a restocking fee. The refund will be conditioned upon a determination by Hubbell after inspection of the Product being returned (either unopened or in the original shipping box and packing) that the Product has not been damaged. This request and for this reason only must be made within 30 calendar days of receipt of the Product.

AFTER 30 CALENDAR DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS WHATSOEVER. BUYER ACCEPTS ALL SALES AS FINAL. ANY ALTERATION TO THE PRODUCT VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES. HUBBELL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OTHER CHARGE OR EXPENSE INCURRED OTHER THAN THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT. Hubbell shall not be liable for consequential, special, incidental or contingent expenses or damages arising directly or indirectly from any defect in or use of the Product nor will Hubbell be liable for any water damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Product or from the failure of or defect in any component part or connecting plumbing. Hubbell and Buyer agree to the above terms in their entirety and accept all sales as final without recourse to a credit card company and hereby agree that any and all actions arising from or relating to this Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.


5. Parts Replacement Procedure (Under Warranty within 3 Years)
Have your licensed electrician determine the exact parts that are defective and require replacement. Please note that technical support is available for qualified technicians only (licensed electricians and/or plumbers). Technical support that involves potentially dangerous electrical conditions is not available to an unqualified person.

When contacting Hubbell, please be sure that the technician has the following information on hand:

  • Copy of your original Warranty Registration
  • Be sure that the technician has read the "Operation and Maintenance Manual" and "Troubleshooting Manual" and has both in hand.

If, at the sole discretion of Hubbell, a component requires repair or replacement under the terms of this Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, the part must be purchased and paid for under our "Bill and Credit" terms and will be shipped via standard ground delivery. All shipping charges are not included and are the responsibility of the Buyer. If faster shipping service is desired, the Buyer must select and pay for same.

The replacement part purchased under our "Bill and Credit" terms is purchased via credit card and upon return of the defective parts Hubbell will determine the cause of failure, and if under warranty will issue a full credit less shipping charges. The returned part must be received by Hubbell within thirty (30) days of shipment of the replacement part. Hubbell will evaluate the returned part within ten (10) days, and if determined to be defective and covered under terms of this warranty, full credit for the part will be issued.

Return warranty parts to:
Hubbell Electric Heater
ATTN: Hubbell Warranty
45 Seymour Street
Stratford, CT 06615

6. Products Manufactured by Sets Systems Inc. (Not Hubbell)
For tankless water heater units and related products, components or parts manufactured and/or sold by Space Energy Times Savings (Sets), Inc. a/k/a Sets Systems Inc. (i.e., units, products, components or parts shipped prior to June 26, 2008), please be advised that any and all warranty obligations relating thereto are the obligation of Sets Systems Inc., not Hubbell, and this Manufacturer's Limited Warranty does not apply to such units, products, components or parts. However, to assist homeowners who purchased a tankless water heater from Hubbell., Hubbell will extend a discount of 50% off of current retail pricing for replacement parts or a replacement heating chamber with respect to units purchased from Sets Systems Inc. from June 26, 2007 thru June 26, 2008. The above-referenced discount is available only to original purchasers of tankless water heaters purchased directly from Sets Systems, Inc. and is subject to change at any time without notice.