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"Thank you for the prompt service! I would like to complement [your company]...skills and knowledge...[you provided] prompt, professional and...resolution to my issues...extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I have had the tankless water heater for over ten years and I am extremely happy with your products. Your Team has been excellent and I congratulate on your innovation and in your persistence in excellence. I suggest your products often and I wish you continued success."

- John P.

" I want to thank you all so much for such a marvelous system.  We installed one of you systems after a similar one failed us miserably and couldn't be happier.  We always have good HOT water with no fluctation in temperature and just yesterday, we got an letter from the electric company dropping our averaged electric bill $50 a month! You guys are the best!"

- Laura B.

" We live in New Jersey where the winters are not severe. We have well water so during the winter the water temperature from the well can get down to 45 degress F. I started with an Envirotech tankless water heater. It worked great for 2 years and then stopped heating the water. The company was out of business by then. I then made the mistake of buying an American Heat unit and had nothing but problems for 3 years. I took a chance with a Hubbell model 280-3 this March 2010. So far the unit has performed as advertised. The temperature control has been flawless. Hubbell gave me a 10% credit for sending back the old American Heat unit. My advice to anyone is to buy the Hubbell unit. It has been upgraded and performs great. Every part in the Hubbell is an upgrade from the American Heat."

- Doug.

"I installed the Hubbell after years of frustration with the SETS unit. The Hubbell works as advertised! It works like you wished the SETS did. Since it knows the flow RATE, not an on and off switch (SETS), it accurately delivers just the amount of power needed for the temperature that YOU desire. The quality of the unit is apparent when you open the box and see the neatness of assembly. I plan on adding a solar heated hot water system (SunWard) before the Hubbell heater for the most efficient system and backup for sunless days. I will also be adding a recirculation system for instant hot water at the taps that is also sun powered. Both units (Hubbell and SunWard) will allow tax Credits, which is better than deductions. This set up makes everybody in the house happy since trying to train everyone to only "turn on” the hot water when needed is a fruitless effort unless they really understand how it all works. There is a huge waste of power when guests (and the untrainable) use the hot water for just hand washing, out of habit. and never getting the benefit of getting hot water due to the length of pipe from the heater even though their using the power. The combination of the three units keeps everybody happy."

- D Frank

" HUBBELL has got it completely right. Everything worked perfectly out of the box. Finally a real electric tankless that does as advertised."

- Peter J.

" After reading postings about Hubbell, I decided to try contacting Hubbell, WOW! What great response! I made the purchase and it works perfectly and silently. Our space is so small we could not have a washer/dryer and a tanked hot water heater. With the Hubbell tankless we have our washer/dryer and plenty of hot water". My wife just said, "Be sure and tell them that the water is always the same temperature." Thanks Hubbell!

- Kent on Hilton Head Island